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A blue kitty is surrounded by hot pink pieces of candy. Next to it is a group of kitties that are mushrooms - or meowshrooms. Get it? Meowshrooms. Where are you going? Across the bottom it has Monster's logo and also says "Kitty Party! 2020"

VIRTUAL Art Opening: Kitty Party! 2020

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Stasia PURR-ington (normally Burrington) and Braden DuncaT (normally Duncan) of Clockwork Art join forces for our annual show: Kitty Party! - where all the art is cat-themed and all our hearts are officially melted. Granted, 2020 is 2020 - so this opening will be virtual.

Our first opening was a huge success & we sold quite a bit of this show just through the Instagram Live! Thanks to everyone! Braden and Stasia will be restocking with NEW WORK and we will again do an Instagram Live. Join us on 12/11 at about 7 p.m. for a tour of the new pieces & what remains from Kitty Party! 2020 phase 1. We'll be chatting with Stasia and Braden again - and - you know - maybe their kitties. 

You can also view the show by coming on over to Monster and checking it out in person. We are open four days a week and allow four masked folks to shop at once. All the art is also available for sale on our website and we would be delighted to ship straight to your door. If you live in Seattle - we'll just swing it on by your place for a no-contact delivery. We're just that nice!

Join us on 12/11 for a virtual chat with the artists and a preview tour of their show. We'll be going live on Instagram around 7 p.m. Follow us at @monstermonstershop to get notified when we start.