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Earn Butts

Now you can earn butts* when you shop at Monster or our sister store - Ugly Baby! Sure, that’s plenty of good news already. But even better - you can trade in those butts for rewards!

Sign up for the Super Butts Rewards Program by entering your phone number after you make a purchase in either of our brick n' mortar stores. For every $20 you spend at either of our stores, you earn one butt.


5 Butts

5% off your entire order.

10 Butts

10% off your entire order.

15 Butts

Cash these butts in for a free pair of socks at Monster in Ballard. (Up to $12 value). In person only. 

20 Butts

20% off your entire order.

How Butt Rich Am I?

You can see how many virtual butts you have here:

*Butts are virtual. You will not actually gain possession of any physical butts.