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Stitch Octopus

SALE DIY Craft Kit - Cross Stitch - Unicorn in Space

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This Space Unicorn cross stitch kit by Stitch Octopus is sure to keep you engaged. Cross stitch is really soothing and meditative. Unless you hate cross stitch. Then its probably the opposite of those things. 

+ unicorn in space design blends fantasy and reality to inspire you to dream big
+ made entirely of metallic thread so your finished piece will shine
+ black fabric (100% U.S.-grown cotton) provides bold contrast
+ ethically/sustainably and great for gift-giving

WHAT'S INSIDE--all you need to get started and complete your project:
+ 100% cotton Aida cloth
+ 9" sustainable bamboo hoop
+ 2 tapestry needles
+ 7 full skeins of fade-resistant DMC embroidery floss
+ a quick-start guide with all the techniques used, plus access to online tutorials and personalized support
+ printed pattern

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: intermediate
+ uses only whole x stitches
+ large 9" project
+ requires pattern reading
+ gold thread frays more easily than 100% cotton, requiring more frequent needle re-threading