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Ugly Baby

Wood Print: Astronaut Unicorn

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Our Roller Skating Astronaut Unicorn design printed on an 8x10 piece of birch wood. We worked with Barry Blankenship - Barry the Art Guy - on this design. He rules.

On this print, Moondancer the unicorn is depicted in her historic trip to the moon. How does she get that helmet on over her horn? How does she roller skate on the moon? These are issues of national security or we'd totally tell you. We swear.

This piece is completely ready-to-hang and will require no more effort on your part than pounding in a nail and lifting your arms slightly to put it on the wall. No shopping for a frame. No looking for a matte board. No setting the print aside for months or years at a time while you get up the energy to frame it. Nothing like that. Just hang it on the wall. Done.

It measures 8 inches by 10 inches. The wood is birch. The design is printed directly onto the wood. It is not a paper print applied to the wood.


Materials: Birch, USA Made