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Rosalie Gale

GATHER: Monthly Craft Social

Monster hosts an after-hours monthly open craft night where folks can come by & work on projects in the company of other people working on projects. We call it a Gather! Share skills. Get inspired. Make some friends. And most important: MAKE STUFF!

$5 reserves you a space in our 20-person maximum gather. We'll be available to give you crafty advice should you need it. The event will normally take place on the last Tuesday of the month - with some exceptions. 

Our current Covid protocol is that anyone attending an event can email us at to let us know they prefer that people wear masks and/or we check vaccination records up to 72 hours before the event begins. Your request is anonymous to all the other participants.

Attendees will receive an email before the event to let them know If we will be checking vaccination records and/or requiring masks be worn.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Don't be nervous, come join!

I have really enjoy having a space to craft and chat with other people once a month. I had been putting off coming for a long time, and finally made the leap and it was great! It is such a nice spot to engage with others and also pick-up small projects that I will actually use! If you are on the fence going, know it is a wonderful, safe, happy place to go and craft!

A place to get crafty where people care about each other

I’ve had the best time at Monthly Craft Social! I finished knitting a pair of socks, while others around me worked on crochet, bullet journaling, 3D printed airplane building, and embroidery. The chatting was nice, as were the snacks, but honestly, the fact that people were willing to wear masks for those of us who are immunocompromised is the best part. I do really like getting to do normal things with fun people! 🤩 10/10 would do again!

Britt Gantner

Really fun to hang out and talk about what everyone is working on :)

India Rudder

GATHERING: Monthly Craft Social

Ursula Sandstrom
Absolute hoot

Great people, lowkey welcoming setup and great accountability to continue/finish/start one of your projects (let's be real, many of us have many at the same time!)