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  • A black tentacle illustration is holding up the words "Sale Stuff" in front of a dark teal background.


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  • A black tentacle illustration is holding up the words "Sale Stuff" in front of a dark teal background.
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  • Alice in Wonderland: A Space Opera

  • A print by Barry Blankenship with a dark blue background. A cabin hovers and has neon pink light coming out of it. A neon pink animal is running in from the left.
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    our products

    Almost everything. We do sell some tools that are manufactured but 99.9% of everything in the store is designed or made by artists. When we can, we buy directly from the artist so every purchase you make is supporting artists and a local shop run by mainly artists.

    Lots of them are but not 100%. When we moved into our space on Market Street, we were able to expand our inventory to include artists around the country.

    Fill out our contact form and send us a link to your website or Instagram. If it looks like your work might be a good fit - we'll get in touch. We try to write back to everyone who submits their work and either give some tips on how to sell wholesale - or suggest other places that might work. Sometimes we already have another vendor who has a similar style or sells the same type of product so we won't be able to invite you to join us. Sometimes another shop in the area sells your work and we don't want to compete with our neighbors. Even if we intend to place an order, sometimes it will take time for us to have room in our buying plan for your work. In short: be patient and if we don't place an order - don't be discouraged!

    We work with independent artists who don't get the same kinds of discounts on supplies that a large manufacturing company would. That makes their work more expensive for us - and also more expensive for you. We know not everyone can afford to avoid fast fashion and there's no shame in that. We like to offer people another option: buying from independent artists in a family owned local shop.

    our store/events

    Currently all our sign ups take place on our website. Click here to view our class calendar.

    Complete this form and we'll get in touch: Teach at Monster

    Not currently, but you are welcome to email a resume to info @ and we'll keep it on file.

    We do! We have a bunch of them! You can take one home and rent it for a whole day or you can rent one by the hour if you come by and use it in the shop. We call it Fun Churn Club.

    If we have what you want in stock: Yup. If we don't have the parts you need - we can order them but you'll just need to give us about two weeks notice before you'll need them.