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  • A black tentacle illustration is holding up the words "Sale Stuff" in front of a dark teal background.
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    Holiday-Time Grab Bag Celebration of Loot & Stuff

    It's time for Monster's Holiday-Time Grab Bag Celebration of Loot & Stuff! They are blind assortments of loot with a retail value much higher than you can snag a bag for. They are perfect for the extra little gifts that you always end up needing during the holiday season. Or gifts for people you don't want to put much effort into. Or just surprise yourself with a cool box of loot that you can sort through and oooh and ahhh about. 

    How does something end up in a grab bag? It might be something awesome that we just don't plan to restock for whatever reason. If we've only got a few left - we put 'em in a grab bag. Maybe it's a little off - like that time our printer made hundreds of "I will rescue myself, thanks" kitchen towels printed on the wrong side. Can you barely tell? Yeah. Does it bother me enough not to sell them? Totally.

    What about onesies that are 100% adorable but just got the design printed on the back instead of the front for some silly reason? 

    Yup. We have a whole, HUGE box of those. Want five? 

    Could there be some things that we just bought too much of? FOR SURE. Quantity deals will get me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

    We are selling 30 total bags and when they sell out - they sell out. Either way, we take them off the website at 11:50 p.m. on 11/30. You receive loot with a retail value of $300 for $115. If you would like to specify sizes in the order notes, we will do our best to match those up with the items you receive - or get as close as possible. That said, there are no guarantees in life. 

    Please note that these do not ship immediately. We ship them all at once shortly after December 1st. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Fantastic Value! Good Stuff!

    The loot was wonderful! The Grab Bag arrived as promised and was full of fun stuff like t-shirts, art, buttons, magnets, cards, etc! It was perfect for office gift giving and, of course, I kept some for myself. I would definitely buy this again next year. Well worth it! BUY THIS NOW!