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  • A black tentacle illustration is holding up the words "Sale Stuff" in front of a dark teal background.
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  • Magnet - 1.25 Inch: Bad Cats

    Bad cats. We have two. Well, they're not officially our cats yet (11/11/2018). We have been fostering them for about 15 months. That seems like a long time, right? We got them when they were tiny twin kittens and now they are giant full grown cats. We are waiting for their court date so we can find out if we'll be able to adopt them officially. Basically at this point -- we're not giving them back. Ever. They're ours. Even though they are so bad.

    The first one is Meat Monster. She's the worst one. She needs constant attention and loves food food food and only food. If you are eating bacon - watch your plate. If you're eating cheddar and sour cream chips, she'll STEAL THEM by batting them off your plate with her little paws while you're not looking.

    The second one is The Bug. She's content on her own and really only likes attention first thing in the morning and right before bed. Otherwise she's tromping off on her own to skin the couch or hide under some paper.

    Hey, where are you going?

    Don't you want to hear more about this amazing Bad Cats magnet? You could EVEN put this tiny 1.25 inch magnet in your school locker. But don't put it on the OUTSIDE of your school locker because someone will steal this kick butt magnet 100% for sure. Don't believe us? Just try it. You'll be back here so soon buying another magnet for your school locker and we'll just laugh and laugh and take your money again.

    There are a few different version of this magnet available. Please take a look at all the listing photos to see all your options and then specify your preference in the order notes. If you don't pick your favorite -- we'll send you the one we like best.