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Ugly Baby

Magnet - 1.25 Inch: Whales Pattern

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Whales. Whales. Whales and more whales. Do you love whales? Then this is the tiny magnet for you. Does your fried love whales? Then this is the perfect best friend gift for your whale-loving friend.

Hey, where are you going?

Don't you want to hear more about this amazing whale magnet? You could EVEN put this tiny 1.25 inch magnet in your school locker. But don't put it on the OUTSIDE of your school locker because someone will steal this kick butt magnet 100% for sure. Don't believe us? Just try it. You'll be back here so soon buying another magnet for your school locker and we'll just laugh and laugh and take your money again.

There are multiple illustrations in this magnet series. Please take a look at all the listing photos and indicate which is your favorite in the order notes. If you don't select a favorite -- we'll send you the one we like best!