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  • A black tentacle illustration is holding up the words "Sale Stuff" in front of a dark teal background.
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  • Alice in Wonderland: A Space Opera

  • A print by Barry Blankenship with a dark blue background. A cabin hovers and has neon pink light coming out of it. A neon pink animal is running in from the left.
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  • Shirt - Astronaut Unicorn - Unisex Crew

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    We've all been told that Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on the moon but what they're keeping secret is that a roller skating unicorn beat him there by about 10 million years. Or something like that. I forget stuff and I don't listen well.

    Printed on a solid black Bella + Canvas unisex style with a crew neck. The current shirts vary slightly in color from our photographs because we had to find a new shirt manufacturer. The photos show a dark heather gray shirt but our new version is a solid black tri-blend.

    This is the perfect gift for the roller derby lover in your life. Is your dad a fan of space exploration who also loves neon pink unicorns? THE PERFECT FATHER'S DAY GIFT.

    About Our Models:

    Mandy Flame is Seattle’s leggy lovely. She moved here three years ago to study Marine Carpentry, and wandered into a Burlesque class on a whim. Since then she has embraced the stage as a performer, producer and photographer. She puts also her construction talents to good use making unique props and sets for Seattle’s burlesque community. As a burlesque performing, motorcycle riding, wooden boat builder Ugly Baby Shirts are a perfect match her for quirky appeal.

    Emmett Montgomery - Seattle stand up comedian. Visit his website:

    Danny: Danny's cool. Danny looks great in our shirts. End of bio.

    Shanghai Pearl - An internationally renowned burlesque performer and instructor based out of Seattle. Also, a close friend of Lucy, the super chill pom also pictured. Visit her website:

    Jo Jo Stiletto - Professor of Nerdlesque, Expert in all things naked and nerdy. Visit her website:

    Sarah Maier: Sarah has a gigantic smile and has been hit by cars while riding her bike downtown at least twice.

    Photos 1-4 were taken by our favorite photographer, Chris Leher. You can find him on Facebook: