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Robert Mahar

Embroidery Sampler - Night Sky

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This free-form large scale sampler by Robert Mahar allows you to select the placement of your favorite embroidery stitches to embellish a beautiful 1894 map of the night sky custom printed on a generous 14" x 26" panel of cotton linen canvas. The superimposed text reads, "The night sky, stitched as it is with stars carries pieces of us all." - a gorgeous quote by author Lidia Yuknavitch (used with permission.) Arrives neatly pressed, folded and handsomely flat-packaged in a clear protective bag.

Consider a back, stem, split or couching stitch for the text in smart monochromatic shades of embroidery floss - or brighter hues for contrast. Those pinpoint stars are perfect for French knots and star stitches. The 2" margin surrounding the image make it easy to hem the edges for a wall hanging or incorporate the panel into a bolster pillow or larger quilted project!

The map, sourced from a vintage astronomy book in the British Library, depicts southern signs of the zodiac and constellations between declinations 45 degrees N and 45 degrees S.