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Ugly Baby

Drink Holder - Eat Trash Die Cute

Shower Art themed drink holders made by our friends at PDX Softgoods. What's Shower Art? It's waterproof art you can hang in your shower with a suction cup. 

These collapsible drink holders snugly fit 12oz cans and bottles of both beer and soda.

This front of the drink holder says, "Eat Trash. Die Cute." and has a picture of one of our Shower Art pieces. It has a little raccoon slash trash panda on the front. So cute! The back of the drink holder is machine embroidered and it says "noms". 

If you see a Shower Art in our listings that you would like turned into a drink holder - contact us and we'll do our best to make it happen.

NOTE: These are not KOOZIE® brand drink holders. KOOZIE® is a registered trademark of the Bic Corporation.