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  • A black tentacle illustration is holding up the words "Sale Stuff" in front of a dark teal background.
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  • Super Powers by Betsy Schairer

  • A print by Barry Blankenship with a dark blue background. A cabin hovers and has neon pink light coming out of it. A neon pink animal is running in from the left.
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  • Shirt - Love AT-AT First Sight - Heather Blue - Unisex Crew

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    A valentine for him. A birthday present for her. Having a Star Wars party? A geek gift for your geeky nerd. It's not just Star Wars -- it's funny Star Wars. An awesome parody of those Imperial Walkers. It's weird and it's for weirdos. Enjoy!

    Other great uses: Bridesmaid gifts, Valentine's Day Gifts, engagement presents or housewarming gifts. Is your dad a huge Star Wars fan? Give one to your dad as a father's day present.

    The mission was to bring down the Rebel's shield generator, NOT fall in love. But these All Terrain Armored Transports went on their own mission. A mission of love!

    Based on one of our most popular Shower Art pieces ever. Now available as a t-shirt! Printed with off-white ink on a blue Bella + Canvas unisex style shirt with a crew neck. Tri-blend: 50% polyester, 25% combed cotton, 25% rayon.

    About Our Models:

    Danny: Danny's cool. Danny looks great in our shirts. End of bio.

    Sarah Maier: Sarah has a gigantic smile and has been hit by cars while riding her bike downtown at least twice.

    Al Lykya is Seattle's dreamy, dimpled Drag King Stripper. He is local performer specializing in the art of drag, singing, hosting, & boi-lesque. This transmasculine sweetheart is nothing but dimples & trouble.

    Emmett Montgomery - Seattle stand up comedian. Visit his website:

    Photo 5: Our friend on Instagram. Follow her:

    Photos 1 - 4 were taken by our favorite photographer, Chris Leher. You can find him on Facebook: